Sermons Preached at Sovereign Grace Baptist Church

(All sermons are by Pastor David Green, unless otherwise noted.)

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"Soul Winning"  (MP3)
Missionary Peter Halliman

"The Impeccability of Christ"  
A Biblical defense of the fact that our Lord was sinless, nor was it possible for him to sin!

"Prepare to Meet Thy God"  
Are you prepared to meet your God?  We all have an appointment to meet Him.  Be ready!

"The Sovereignty of God and Human Responsibility"
Elder Jim Walters
PART 1 (MP3)
PART 2 (MP3)

"Why Americanism Matters"  
This message is especially important to American Christians.

"Destroying the Foundations"  (MP3)
America was founded on some key ideas but those foundations are being destroyed.

"Liberty of Conscience"
A Biblical defence of that Baptist distinctive.

A study on a very dangerous philosophy.

A dangerous philosophy!

"On Target"    

"Hope Through Christ's Resurrection"    

"The Work Of The Church"